Steelhead Creek Base Camp

Our Steelhead River Camp is located just 40 miles west of Nelson Lagoon, directly at the mouth of the river. This camp offers excellent accommodations and an opportunity to fish for Salmon, Steelhead, and Dollies. Accessing the camp is pretty straightforward. We use all-terrain vehicles to make the scenic hour-long drive down the Bering Sea beach. This drive is definitely an experience, as it allows for unparalleled beach combing and wildlife viewing along the way.   

We use this camp separately from our Sapsuk Camp, and just for 3 weeks during our steelhead season.    We also use this camp to access an additional river another 30 minutes down the beach.  The camp CAPACITY IS CURRENTLY SET TO ONLY 2 GUESTS A WEEK.  You will be at camp with another guide and chef.  



The River

The main difference between the Sapsuk and Steelhead River is overall size. The Steelhead is a much smaller system that is relatively shallow and easily waded.   This stream is made for single hand rod fisherman.  The fishing on the river is  excellent and allows for folks to site cast much of what they catch.

It is too small to spey fish.  You are fishing only yards from the Bering Sea.  Many of our clients have actually had fish rip them into their backing and into the ocean.  They land the fish between waves on the beach!

You will also have access to another stream down the beach and makes for another great option.  


The Fishing

During Steelhead season it is a lot of fun to walk up these streams ans cast streamers to the cut banks like you would in Montana.  The only difference is that a 27 inch Steelhead mDEN_0263ight come out at any moment.  All fishing is done with our licensed guides on the Steelhead and Sapsuk Rivers.  This camp is run with a 2:1 guest to guide ratio.  Both rivers offer an array of fishing possibilities and depending on the time of year,  the river will be teeming with Silver Salmon and Steelhead. Rainbow trout are also available as well.     These creeks can be incredibly productive for both Steelhead and Silvers.  

We usually access the other stream during the proper tides to safely drive the beach.  So this stream we keep a very strict schedule to make sure we get back to camp safely.  On the local stream the most productive water is right in front of camp.  The Steelhead will move in to the stream and back to the ocean often, so we will fish the home pool at least a couple times a day.  We even will occasionaly catch some Steelhead on the ocean beach.    We will also hike these streams up and fish down through all the cutbanks.